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Why Influencer Marketing Is Now Preferred Over Digital Ads By Marketers

Influencer advertising is all around us. Only we are not aware of it because we don’t take care to notice what’s happening. Look around now. You will see people glued to their smartphone screens. It is a potential influencer medium. And that’s just one example.

Influencer marketing is a highly impactful form of advertising as it appears completely organic. The one getting influenced is unaware that their purchasing decisions are being swayed through some deft marketing moves.


Influencer Marketing Processes

Influencer marketing has become a mainstream form of advertising for many leading brands. It focuses on individuals on social media channels and subtly impressed upon them the benefits of buying a specific brand or service.


The marketing influencers chosen to promote a specific brand are individuals with an impactful presence on the society or at least on a large section of the society. They are looked up at with awe and respect. And what they say is taken as the whole truth.

It is a fact that influencer marketing is seen as a bigger, more powerful, and more effective tool than digital advertisements. Any advertising medium is looked at by consumers with some sense of suspect because they go overboard trying to sell a brand at times. And sometimes they oversell to the point of putting off a potential buyer. Of course, there are numerous instances of advertisements misleading you completely. Influencers are incapable of doing all these, or at least that’s what consumers believe.


Influencers Inspire Trust and Confidence Among Consumers

For the modern consumer, trust and transparency are critical elements of advertising. They expect marketers to say the truth. Influencers are seen doing that all the time. They are not seen as dishonest or deceitful. They have a larger-than-life public image, at least in the online media. That’s what makes the utterances of these marketing influencers so powerful. And that’s why they are so much in demand among marketers.


The key difference between digital ads and influencer marketing is that digital ads are created using specific information about the products. Content creation tools are utilized to create powerful ad copies. The benefits are highlighted and projected to potential buyers. Influencer marketing uses the influencing capabilities of the personalities to subtly promote brands.

Why Consumers Look Up To Influencers For Input

Consumers depend on influencers to provide them accurate and reliable information about a product or service so that they can also enjoy its benefits. However, they might not be aware that influencers are doing the promotion for some monetary consideration.


When compared to digital ads, influencer marketing is a much easier process. There are no creative elements involved. Marketers do not have to spend time, money, and effort creating ads and uploading them on the appropriate channels to reach out to their targeted audiences.

When it comes to using marketing influencers to promote brands, all that marketers have to do is connect with the top influencers in a specific field and convince them to endorse their brand. Marketers also benefit from direct feedback from consumers which can be used to plan future marketing campaigns better. 

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